What are the Best Medigap Plans?

Medicare Supplement insurance is a type of insurance that is through Medicare; however this type of insurance is sold through private companies. Medigap covers cost that Medicare Part A and Part B will not cover. These expenses are also called “gaps”. Just like any other insurance plan, Medigap has different types of plans and coverage for the individuals they are covering. Everyone has their own opinion on insurance plans, only you would know what the best Medigap Plans are for you.

Medigap insurance can only be used by individuals who are already enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. An individual is able to enroll in Medigap when they hit the age of sixty-five, unless they are on Social Security disability in which case they may apply at any age. This type of health insurance is typically for individuals who are retired and no longer on their employer health coverage.

There are ten policies that an individual can pick from when it comes to coverage; however there are three plans that seem to be best fit; plans F, G, and N. When it comes to picking a plan an individual needs to keep in mind; their budget, their health, and how comfortable they are with spending money out of their pocket. May people who are relatively health or on an extremely limited budget might choose a plan with more out-of-pocket costs and a lower monthly premium. Whereas some people just want the very best coverage regardless of premium.

Out of all the most popular plans, Medigap Plan F has the most coverage, however this plan is the most expensive. If an individual were to go with plan F there is also a high-deductible, meaning they must pay for their Medicare coverage cost up to over two thousand dollars before their Medigap plan will even pay anything.

Medicare Supplement Plan G will save an individual’s money, but you will have to pay one small deductible each year. After that is paid the plan pays all the gaps 100 percent.  Medicare Supplement Plan N only has Part A deductible, Plan G has Part A deductible with excess cost, and Plan F has Part A and B Deductible with excess cost.

Whether you want the very best coverage with no co-pays or deductibles or you enroll in a plan that has some out-of-pocket costs the best Medigap plans are based on what is going on with your health and how much you are able to spend.



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