What Is the Best Medigap to Get?

Medigap is a form of personal health insurance that can be purchased from any number of private insurance providers. This insurance is intended to cover medical expenses that would not normally be paid for by federal health insurance. Finding the best Medigap for you is easier than you might think.

About the Plans

There are several insurance plans that you have the option of choosing to cover your medical expenses. The plans are named from A-N, and new subscribers should be aware that plans E, H, I and J are not offered to them. Among those available for new subscribers, the most popular are plans F, G and N. Different plans will be right for different people. It just depends on your medical and financial circumstances.

Plan F gives subscribers the most coverage, taking care of nearly every medical cost that federal insurance does not pay for. In most cases, subscribers on Plan F will pay nothing in medical expenses. Plan F can even cover expenses for traveling abroad to receive medical care.

Plan G provides many of the same basic benefits of Plan F, but requires a deductible to be paid under part B of the Medicare plan. Plan N, similar to G, requires payment of the Medicare part B deductible, but still provides comprehensive medical benefits.

Which One Is for You?

While Plan F may seem like the total package, it comes with a higher premium than the other plans. It may end up being cheaper for you if you have serious health problems or need constant medical attention.

On the other hand, Plans G and N are cheaper to pay on a monthly basis. Since they do not provide as much coverage, they are perfect for subscribers who have few to moderate health problems and just need insurance for unexpected visits.

Because the coverage can be very similar, but the premiums can vary, it is important to find out how much you will pay for your medical insurance. That’s why we provide a free quote engine to help you have peace of mind. Our quotes cover all the major insurance providers so you can be sure your needs will be taken care of.

You don’t have to be afraid of hospital visits any more. Find out today how much the best Medigap will cost you and find the plan that works best with your unique situation.