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Anyone who is close to turning age 65 and going on Medicare is thinking about how exactly they are going to pay their medical bills. Likely they are also thinking about having some money left over for their family in case something unthinkable happens. Medigap plans help ease this worry. For those who just want quotes then simply enter your zip code above to instantly get Medigap Plan F rates online.

The plans are lettered from A-N, the largest factor in decided which letter of the plan to use is which states the person resides in. Any one age 65 or older is eligible to enroll in 10 of the Medicare Supplement plans.

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Plan F offers the Most Comprehensive Coverage

Benefits Include:

  • Basic Medicare benefits such as hospital care including reserve coverage days
  • The cost of 3 pints of blood a year
  • Medicare Part A and B coinsurance
  • The Part A and B deductible
  • Care in a skilled nursing facility up to 100 days
  • Coverage of the Part B excess charges from doctors not accepting assignment
  • Foreign travel emergency benefits when traveling abroad.

There is also a high deductible version of Plan F as well. A deductible is the amount of money the policy holders pay.  Policy holders need to make sure they can cover the deductible before selecting the high deductible policy as it is currently over $2000 prior to the plan paying anything.

In order to purchase a Medigap plan the you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B. For those turning 65  it’s best to obtain a policy during the time of open enrollments period. This period begins on the effective date of your Part B Medicare and lasts six months. During this time you are guaranteed coverage regardless of any current health conditions.
There are several insurance carriers that offer Medigap plans as Aetna Life Insurance Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aflac, and Mutual of Omaha. Keep in mind that rates vary by zip code, gender, tobacco use, and age. As well every carrier has the exact same coverage and plans, yet they all have different premiums for them. Therefore it is best to get Medigap Plan F rates from multiple companies by entering your zip code below.

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