Is Medigap Plan N Right For You?

Each supplemental Medicare plan is different from the next. They come with varying benefits and a range of premiums. The more benefits and coverage a plan has, the more higher its premium. Medicare Plan N is one of the higher coverage plans, making it an ideal choice for people without serious health needs.

How It Works

Plan N does provide more coverage than both plans L and K, but it comes with lower premiums than plans A-G. Beyond the premium, you will actually pay very little for Plan N. There is a $20 copayment due for each office visit and a $50 copayment for all emergency room visits.

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The coverage for Plan N is quite extensive. It takes care of all of Part A coinsurance up to 365 days of hospitalization. This kicks in after Medicare stops paying for hospitalization.  That’s more hospital days than most people will ever use.

Plan N also covers all of Part B of Medicare, except for the copayments mentioned above. In addition, it will pay for the first three pints of bloodevery year and all of Part A coinsurance for hospice expenses.

Medigap Plan N will also cover additional medical expenses beyond the basic benefits. This includes foreign medical care not covered by Medicare, nursing facility expenses, and the Medicare Part A deductible for hospital stays.

Its extensive coverage but low premiums make it a good plan for many people who only have some health issues. There is no need to go with a full-coverage plan like Plan F if Plan N can provide all the coverage you need at a reduced rate. To determine which plan is ideal for your needs, you should carefully consider both your financial situation and your medical history. You want a plan that you can afford, but that will also provide you with ample coverage for all your medical needs.

Choosing the Right Provider

There is more to choosing your supplemental insurance than just deciding on the right plan. You also have to pick the right insurance provider. You see, while plan N will provide the same benefits no matter which state you are in or which insurance provider you use, the premiums will vary quite a bit.

The US Government decides what benefits are provided by each plan, but it allows the various insurance providers that offer the plans to set their own premiums. So if you decided that Plan N is right for you, then you should shop around for a good price. You don’t want to just pick the first insurance provider that offers the plan to you, as you may find a much cheaper premium elsewhere.

Our site allows you to quickly and easily sort through the different insurance providers based on the plan you want. It’s a free service that saves you the time and hassle of calling up insurance providers and asking for quotes. Our service and information is updated regularly, so you always have the most accurate quotes and all the tools you need to make an informed decision.

Medigap Plan N can give you all the coverage you need. But to ensure you are receiving a fair price and not being taken advantage of, you should compare premiums that various insurance providers offer.

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