What is Medigap Plan F?

When you turn 65 years old you are automatically enrolled in Medicare. This assists you in paying for your medical expenses. But sometimes, your expenses are more than Medicare will pay, which is why people often choose to sign up for supplemental health insurance. The most coverage you can receive from your supplemental insurance is that which comes from Medigap Plan F coverage.

So Just What is Medigap Plan F?

Plan F is essentially a full-coverage plan. It covers every deductible and co-payment left to you by Medicare parts A and B. That means if you are covered under plan F then you have nothing to pay for doctor’s visits out of pocket on all Medicare-approved expenses. You may visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare. Again there are no deductibles, no co-payments, and no coinsurance to pay. It’s outstanding coverage!

Plan F will also cover foreign medical emergency expenses, care at a nursing facility and your first three pints of blood you use each year. It is also one of only two plans (with Plan G) that will pay for excess charges related to Medicare Plan B.

Is Plan F Best for you?

Many people like the simplicity and full coverage that Plan F provides, but it is not right for everyone. Full coverage will come in useful if you have frequent doctor visits and hospital stays, but if you are in relatively good health, you will be wasting your money. Other cheaper plans are available to you.

Plan F, while providing the most coverage of all available plans, is also the most expensive. You are paying for the coverage you receive, so if Plan F is your choice, be prepared for expensive premiums. Not every company offers the same rates, however, so you would do well to shop around or use our free online comparison service to see which rates are available to you in your area.

When To Enroll

So know that you know what is Medigap Plan F you need to understand how and when to enroll.

Enrollment for Medigap Plan F  and all supplemental medicate insurance begins at age 65. The period from then and lasting for 6 months is known as open enrollment. During this window, you can enroll in a Medigap plan and not be charged additional rates for factors such as your age or your health conditions.  This is the absolute best time to enroll in supplemental insurance.

You can enroll any time after you are 65 (or in some cases, before) but you will likely pay more for your insurance premiums, especially if you have serious medical conditions. In some cases, open enrollment can occur at any time. This is known as a guaranteed issue right and only people with specific medical conditions are eligible.

When you are ready to enroll, keep in mind that Medigap Plan F coverage is the most comprehensive out of all the plans. That doesn’t mean you should pay more than you have to. While Plan F is offered by several insurance companies, they all have identical benefits within the plan. No one has a better plan F because they are all the same, except for their monthly premiums! Those can and do vary widely between companies. Therefore it is a must to get quotes from multiple carriers to make sure you don’t over pay. Use our FREE Quote engine below to view the plans and rates from the top carriers in your area and save the most money possible.

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